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Be an active part of our organization!

Become a partner, godparent, volunteer or just donate, there are many ways to help our association. Choose which one suits you best and act!



    Our main income source are our members’ fees. You can become a member from 5 €/month; with your fee our little friends will have feed, clean litter and friendly hands caring for them.

    If you want to become a member, just contact us through our email or Facebook and we will send you the form.


    You can be a godparent of any of our cats from 10€/month; with this fee you will help to maintain and care him/her while he/she is with us, and we will send you pictures and news about them periodically.

    If you want to be a godparent of any of our cats, just contact us through our email or Facebook and we will send you the form.


    Some of our feline friends are adopted in other countries in Europe, it is mainly in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland where they find their new homes.

    Travelling by car is really stressing for them, and quite expensive, so we ask for the assistance of people flying to those countries from Malaga or Jerez and ask them to take our cats with them to their waiting new families.

    We book the cats’ flight tickets once we know the information about the Godparent and the flight, we take the cats to the airport and make all the necessary arrangements there.

    Once arrived at their destination airport, the new families are impatiently waiting for their new family’s member.


    We would like you to visit us, to meet us and, above all, we would love you met them; we are sure they will become your purrfect friends and you will love to come from time to time (or usually) to look after them.


    Every year we rescue more than 200 cats and we have usually in our facilities an average of more than 100 cats; maintenance and care costs, as well as our facilities cleaning, are quite high, so any contribution, no matter how small it may seem, is really welcome:

    • Any food fit for cats, such as dry feed and wet (canned) food, for adult cats and kittens, powdered milk for kittens, feeding bottles, cat litter…
    • Toys, carriers, litter boxes, brushes, dome tents and beds for cats and kittens…
    • Blankets, sheet…
    • Veterinarian material: gauzes, dressings, syringes, vitamins, serum…
    • Cleaning material: brooms, mops, buckets, dustpans, paper rolls, scrubbers, bleach…


Contact us and collaborate!