• BIRTH DATE: april 2016
  • SEX: female, spayed
  • TEMPER: cuddly
  • HISTORY: Demi is one of the four Hada´s kitten. Woman who looked after her told us she disappeared for months but she was back to breed her babies and we rescued all of them when we had a chance. Demi has grown up with us and since she was a kitten she has been a very affectionate and playful cat. Demi, as other cats that are or have been in the shelter got a cold; We always give them the usual treatment, but sometimes it doesn’t work and we try alternative treatments. There have been several cats like Demi that throughout these years no treatment has effective and they became chronic colds, we gave up to continue trying any treatment with them for not creating immunity to antibiotics, they improve a lot but it is only a temporary improvement. At shelter is much more difficult cure these cat´s flu due temperature´s changes,bad weather,rain, etc. Their recovering would be easier at home but honestly cats like Demi that have been adopted have had different fortunes, some have fully recovered and others have had much improvement, they still have their cat´s flu although they have milder symptoms. Now Demi is in a friendly shelter in Germany where many of our cats have found homes in the past
  •  Demi is negative in Lelv. and Fiv.
  • SHE IS WITH US SINCE: june 2016
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