• BIRTH DATE: january 2020
  • SEX: male, neutered
  • TEMPER: shy
  • HISTORY: Davy is one of the 46 cats that we collected from a flat in our city whose owner had Noah’s and Diogenes syndrome. The woman asked to Town Hall for help and get a social worker at home, when civil servers came into the flat they found out the terrible health conditions of the property and a large number of cats that lived with her. Town Hall had to evacuate, disinfect and fumigate the floor and call to the killing station to take all the cats; For our part, we phoned  Department of Health to take with us all the cats and avoid the end that we all know would have had if they had arrive to the killing station. Fortunately we were on time and town hall made it easy and thanked us for our offering. Davy was around four months old when he arrived to the shelter.
  • Davy is negative in Lelv. and FIV.
  • HE IS WITH US SINCE: june 2020
Davy 4